Dear MECA Members;
Hope you all are doing well and keeping safe from COVID 19 and other seasonal illnesses.
This message is intended to draw the kind attention of MECA Members, who are members of Cadet College Club Limited. Please disregard, if this is not relevant to you.
By now, you are aware that the CCCL Election is already over and the Election Commission has already announced the official result.
This time, with all of your valuable collective support, Manzur Murshed Bhai [Current Vice President (in-charge) of MECA, MCC B16,C892, CCCL MN#1396] has been elected as the Vice President of CCCL, while I, Shah Ahmedul Kabir (Suvro) [Current GS (in-charge) of MECA, MCC B22,C1209, CCCL MN#1429] will be taking over the position of Member, MCC for the year 2021.










We are serving MECA to our level best. We will be happy to assist you in any matter at CCCL in the next 01 year. We also humbly seek for all of your kind cooperation during our tenure.

United We Stand.

Shah Ahmedul Kabir (Suvro)
GS-MECA (in-charge)


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