Dear MECA Members,
Hope you are doing well and keeping safe from COVID 19 attacks. Many of MECA Members are becoming victims to this deadly disease including family members, our sincere prayers for their early recovery.
You are aware that the 02 years’ term of MECA Executive Committee 2018-20 is ended on October 18, 2020. Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic situation, the EC Election and AGM could not be arranged by the outgoing EC this year in due time, which was anticipated.
As per discussion and decision in the last EC Meeting held at MECA Office on October 03, 2020 chaired by Hon’ble MECA President, BG SMS Iqbal (retd), BP, PhD, the matter was referred to the MECA Advisory Committee for discussions among the MECA Advisory Committee Members and a decision on way forward as per MECA Constitution before the expiry date of the current EC.
Due to a pandemic situation, a physical meeting could not be held. We, members of the MECA Advisory Committee discussed among ourselves and came to a unanimous decision of dissolving the old committee and forming a “Caretaker Executive Committee with 01 (one) year validity w.e.f. 19th October 2020”.
Names of selected members of the Caretaker Executive Committee, roles & responsibilities of committee is captured in the attached document, which is self-explanatory.
MECA Advisory Committee wishes the success of the Caretaker EC and requests all MECA Members to kindly cooperate with this Caretaker EC to function smoothly.
United We Stand.
MECA Advisory Committee
Note: This email message has been posted as per direction of the MECA Advisory Committee


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