Respected MECA Members,
Assalamu Alaikum.

Points for the forth coming MECA Annual General Meeting (AGM) are appended below:
1. Date: 16th January 2016, Saturday 0930 -1130 Hours.
2. Venue: Mirzapur Cadet College Auditorium.
3. Notice for AGM: Through this mail (Google group & Facebook group), website ( & newspaper (already published) .
4. Agenda: Will be circulated by General Secretary separately.
5. Sequence of AGM is as follows:
a. Recitation from Holy Quran.
b. AGM calls to order.
c. Opening Address by President, MECA
d. Discussion of agendas by General Secretary, MECA.
e. Accounts by Treasurer, MECA.
f. Closing by President, MECA.

Please give us your points & pass this mail to your batch group mails for maximum circulation. Let us know if you have any queries or suggestions

Kind regards,
Sakif Ahsan (37/1968)
Office Secretary, MECA

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