Dear MECA Members Home and Abroad;

As-salamualaikum and hope you all are observing the holy month of Ramadan peacefully so far.

This email is to draw the kind attentions of all MCC ex-cadets, who are Muslims by religion, while followers of other religions may also kindly follow.

We all know, as one of the Five Pillars of Islam, “Zakat” is a religious obligation for all Muslims, who meet the necessary criteria of wealth. By Quranic ranking, it is next after prayer (salat) in importance. Many of us give Zakat all the year round to help people, who are needy. But a substantial portion of Muslims reserve the portion of their income intended for Zakat for distribution during two major Muslim Festivals – Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha.

I am sure, all capable MECA Members also keep a portion of their income for Zakat to help the needy people.

This year, MECA EC intends to take an initiative to collect a portion of Zakat money from MECA Members in its welfare account. We all know, the 3rd and 4th class employees are low income earners and it is very difficult for them to survive a decent life, when price of all commodities are beyond a reasonable level. With the collected fund, MECA EC intends to buy grocery packs for 3rd & 4th class employees of MCC (current and retired but reside around MCC campus), which will reduce their load to a big extent during upcoming Eid festival. If we can collect enough fund, the grocery package will be offered to the same group in both upcoming Eid Festivals.

The package may include the following items:

Polao chal
Soybean tel
Sorishar tel
Gura Moshla
Powder milk

The above listed items are what we intend to give. But number of items and quantity of each item will depend on how much fund we can collect. Below is MECA Welfare fund details:

1. Name of the Account: Mirzapur Ex-Cadets’ Association (Welfare Purpose)

2. Bank Name: One Bank Limited

3. Branch Name: Gulshan Branch

4. Bank Address: One Bank Limited, Gulshan Branch, 95 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh

5. Bank Account Number: 0023000000216

6. Bank Routing/BEFTN Number: 165261726

7. Swift Code number: ONEBBDDH003

EC targets 25th Ramadan as the cut off date of fund collection and 27th Ramadan as the date of distribution.

On behalf of MECA EC, I request you kindly come forward generously with open mind and deposit a portion of your Zakat fund to the above account. You may also pay in cash / AC payee cheque to MECA Office Manager, Mr. Sadir Ali at MECA Office in Mohakhali. Please collect your money receipt, in case you pay at MECA Office.

Let us all try to participate with the best of our ability, which will bring priceless smiles to many families & individuals, thus making this initiative a success.

United We Stand.

Shah Ahmedul Kabir (Suvro)

Mobile : +880-1819-261971


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